Best Gifts for Picky Eaters

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Check out the top gifts for picky eaters. If you need gift ideas for that picky eater in your life, you’re in the right place. These gifts will inspire food exploration and increase food exposures, helping little ones feel more excited about new foods.

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Books for Picky Eaters!

Books are a great way to create a positive experience and expose kids to a variety of new foods. Use books to introduce, describe and learn about new foods.

Take a look at a few of my favorite books for picky eaters:

1. 101 Descriptive Words for Food Explorers: Kids will learn new ways to describe foods and explore their taste buds

2. Where Does Broccoli Come From? A Book of Vegetables: Increase vegetable exposures with this book! Kids can learn about various vegetables

3. My First Cookbook: Fun recipes to cook together . . . with as much mixing, rolling, scrunching, and squishing as possible! (America’s Test Kitchen Kids)

Mealtime Fun!

Use these fun mealtime gifts for picky eaters to encourage adventurous eating and make mealtimes a positive experience.

Check out my favorite mealtime gifts!

4. Kids Dinner Plate for Picky Eating Toddlers: Healthy Constructive Fun Meal Time, Divided Portions: A Fun plate designed to encourage and guide your child through mealtimes!

5. SpinMeal Plate – Healthy Nutrition Plate for Picky Eaters – Spin the Arrow – Meals Are Fun Again: Spin and eat! Use this fun plate to turn mealtime into a fun taste-testing game!

6. Constructive Eating Set of 3 Construction Utensils for Toddlers, Infants, Babies and Kids – Flatware Set is Made in The USA Using Materials Tested for Safety: These fun utensils come is other varieties such as fairies and dinosaurs, there’s a utensil for every child!

Get the Kids in the Kitchen!

When kids help in the kitchen, they feel a sense of pride, independence, and are exposed to new foods! These gifts are great for getting kids in the kitchen. Let’s get cookin’!

7. SDADI Kids Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail- for Toddlers 18 Months and Older, White LT01W: This stool will allow your child to safely help in the kitchen while putting them at counter height. It’s perfect for baking and other food prep!

8. Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking and Baking Gift Set with Storage Case – Complete Cooking Supplies for the Junior Chef – Kids Baking Set for Girls & Boys – Real Accessories & Utensils for the Curious Child: Kids can be fully engaged in the cooking and meal prep process with this amazing cooking and baking set! Kids are more likley to try foods they make themselves!

9. Sandwich Cutters Set 24 for Kids, Christmas Cookie Cutters Holiday Vegetable Cutter Shape for Boys & Girls with Micky Mouse, Dinosaur, Star, Heart, Gingerbread Man etc Shape-Food Grade Stainless Steel: These food cutters can cut foods into fun shapes! Kids will love the fun shapes and even better, they will love cutting the foods themselves!

10. Helistar Popsicle Molds 6 Pieces Silicone Ice Pop Molds BPA Free Popsicle Mold Reusable Easy Release Ice Pop Maker with Silicone Funnel and Cleaning Brush, Green : Use these silicone ice pop molds to make a variety of sweet treats: Try frozen smoothie pops with your favorite fruits and veggies or frozen yogurt pops for an extra serving of protein. Try these whipped pineapple frozen yogurt pops!

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